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Thursday 03 February 2011

AET FLEXIBLE SPACE - AET Now Manufacturing Extra High Efficiency Solar Thermal...

AET has engaged in solar Thermal panel production for a wide range of application. Thermal Solar Panels come in all shapes and sizes and in a wide range of price points but the single most critical issue in selecting a panel is the performance efficiency followed closely by the Location and then of course the application. Most suppliers seek to sell complete systems but in large engineering application there is a strong argument for elemental...Read More


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ENER-G - Climate Change Minister Celebrates Expansion At ENER-G

Climate Change Minister Greg Barker has opened a £2m extension to the global headquarters of low carbon technology group ENER-G ( in Salford, Greater Manchester, and celebrated news that the company will create 100 new jobs in 2011. Over the past ten years, the international manufacturing and engineering group has increased the size of its workforce from 75 to more than 760 people worldwide, with 560 of them based in...Read More


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ACTIONAIR - New Actionair Website Launched

Actionair is part of Ruskin Air Management Limited, which also incorporates the product brands of Air Diffusion grilles and diffusers and Naco louvres, sunscreens and natural air ventilators. Visit or for further details. Actionair has launched its new website, designed specifically with its customers in mind. It offers many useful features such as the product search engine allowing you to enter product...Read More

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DANFOSS - The New Standard AHU From Carrier Is Controlled With VLT® HVAC Drives

The new standard air handling units from Carrier are controlled by two VLT® HVAC Drives. The new AHU is named 39SQ. It’s available globally - with or without speed control. In the first case always equipped with VLT® drives. All Carriers units are equipped with VLT® drives, also the larger 39HQ custom AHU’s use VLT® HVAC Drives. 39SQ Airostar the air handling unit (0.4 - 7.3 m3 / s or about 26,000 m3 / h) is the new standard air...Read More


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SIEMENS BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES - Seeing Is Believing: Making Building...

Green teaching facility fit for the 21st Century, thanks to integrated building management and interactive monitoring systems The challenge for building designers as we embark upon a new century, is to marry the practical, day-to-day operational needs of owners and occupiers with the creation of sustainable and energy efficient buildings that satisfy growing consumer concerns about environmental and energy usage issues. Such future...Read More


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LEVOLUX Leads The Way At WAG

The new £20 million Welsh Assembly Government building in Llandudno Junction is the greenest in the Assembly Government's estate, with a host of advanced, energy saving features, including a biomass boiler, natural ventilation and a dynamic Solar Shading solution from Levolux. Acknowledged locally as a 'jewel in the crown' for North Wales, the 'three fingered' brown-field development is arranged over three floors, providing 8,800...Read More


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TELLING ARCHITECTURAL LTD - BREEAM First For Telling Rainscreen Cladding...

The Argeton terracotta rainscreen cladding system from Telling Architectural Ltd., has just become the first system to have gained a BREEAM Certified Environmental Profile. It follows its current BBA approval and it means that Argeton is the only rainscreen cladding of its type to have both BREEAM and BBA approval. The BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is the leading and most widely used environmental assessment...Read More


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OSRAM'S Pioneering PTO 3DIM ECG Sets New Standards In Street And Outdoor...

OSRAM’s new, multifunctional POWERTRONIC® PTo 3DIM electronic control gear (ECG) features incredible efficiency and durability to enhance street and outdoor lighting. Available in a range of wattages that come equipped with three options for controlling and dimming lamps, achieving efficient outdoor lighting has never been easier. PTo 3DIM ECG is available in 50W, 70W, 100W and 150W versions that permit flexible...Read More

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