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RMIG - New Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panel System From RMIG

A new range of wall mounted and free-standing sound absorbing panels has been launched by RMIG for use in building interiors to reduce noise and reverberations caused by hard surfaces to improve sound quality in schools, public buildings, offices and a range of other applications.

The ‘Wall’ range of compact acoustic panels is designed to improve the environment in buildings where echoes or high sound pressure levels cause unacceptable noise and make it difficult to distinguish speech in areas including sports halls, classrooms and open plan commercial buildings, for example.

By using a highly efficient sound absorption material faced with thin sheet steel incorporating thousands of 1.5mm perforations, mounted in an aluminium frame, the RMIG Wall system reduces sound in the 125Hz to 4kHz frequency band and achieves an absorption levels of between 75% and 100% across the 500Hz to 2kHz range.

Wall 100 acoustic panels are designed to be easily wall mounted and can be used as an unobtrusive magnetic notice board, while the Wall 200 is a free-standing acoustic partition divider that not only absorbs sound, but also provides a physical barrier between areas, such as office workstations.

While the free standing Wall 200 panels are 1200mm high and 908mm wide, the Wall 100 system panels measure 908mm x 604m, making them easier to handle and wall mount using just two fixing screws.

In addition to the standard RAL colours of black or white together with a powder coated aluminium look finish, RMIG Wall panels can be specified in a range of PPC finishes as well as having the ability to incorporate printed photographic images or special designs, such as company logos, graphics or patterns.

RMIG sales consultant, Lina Riis Husballe, explained: “In open interior spaces, noise and reverberations can not only make speech indistinct, but has also been proven to cause additional stress for the building’s occupants. In some cases, such as some restaurants for example, if people can’t be heard, they tend to talk louder, which causes even more noise”

She added: “There is a clear trend to use more open spaces within building design and many well designed interiors already incorporate some form of acoustic damping, but for older buildings or where there has been a change of use, then noise levels and echo confusion can create significant issues. This is also a considerable problem in areas such as sports halls and swimming baths, as well as larger classrooms and shops, where high numbers of people are present and the walls reflect noise easily. Our Wall system provides a cost effective solution to the problem of noise that requires no modification the interior or structure of the building.”

RMIG has 15 offices in 13 countries and provides precision engineered perforated solutions across the globe to meet the needs of a range of business sectors and industry groups. Further information on the RMIG Group, its product groups, markets served and the manufacturing solutions it provides can be obtained by visiting

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