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DAIKIN’S Self Cleaning Roundflow Cassette Almost Halves Energy Consumption At Retail Outlet

Daikin’s Self Cleaning Roundflow Cassette has cut running costs by almost half during a year-long trial at a Wolverhampton shop - leading to a payback period of less than 12 months.

The highly energy efficient self-cleaning ceiling cassettes, supplied by Daikin UK, were installed into the Coral bookmakers in Wolverhampton in July 2010 to run alongside an identical system without the self-cleaning function.

The figures, just published, show that the Daikin’s self-cleaning roundflow cassette system cut energy consumption by 49% when compared with the traditional system and reduced costs by the same proportion. As a result, it saved two tonnes of carbon dioxide over the year, compared with the standard roundflow system.

Kevin Nixson of Head of Coral Projects for parent company, GalaCoral, is delighted with the results. “With almost 1700 shops across the UK, any reduction in energy consumption is to be welcomed,” he said.

“The figures here speak for themselves and we will now be installing the Daikin self cleaning cassettes in all of Coral’s new premises and as part of our maintenance and refurbishment programme.”

Daikin’s industry-first self cleaning roundflow cassettes save energy and help to meet latest energy efficiency legislation by utilising a daily auto-cleaning function that optimises air flow. This self-cleaning filter comes as an option in Daikin’s roundflow ceiling cassettes and can be retrofitted into existing installations.

The self-cleaning filter cleans itself automatically once a day, resulting in no accumulation of dust on the indoor unit. This increases efficiency, reducing running and maintenance costs, as well improving comfort levels through consistent air flow distribution.

Every day, the filter rotates 360° past a special brush that removes accumulated dust. The time of cleaning can be programmed easily with the remote controller. This dust is then sucked to a storage chamber by using the airflow of the indoor fan. It takes about six months to fill this chamber. When a light indicates that the chamber needs to be emptied, the dust can be removed easily through a small port in the grille, using a supplied extension pipe on a standard vacuum cleaner hose.

The trial at Wolverhampton also showed that the self-cleaning filter prevented grime accumulating around the decorative panel, saving further maintenance costs in cleaning and tile replacement.

The use of Daikin’s self-cleaning filter:
• Ensures uniform air flow and temperature distribution with a 360º radial air pattern.
• Ensures clean operation for continually low energy consumption, delivering around 30% energy savings in a typical environment but in this particular case nearly 50% energy savings
• Ensures ceilings remain clean. Dirt trails can occur on a standard system when maintenance has not been carried out in a timely manner.
• Achieve sa reduction in maintenance costs
• Maintain system efficiency: daily auto-cleaning prevents dust build up in the filter, which can decrease airflow by 65%.
• Ensure consistent airflow and temperature for increased customer comfort.
• Eases the maintenance process: dust collected in indoor unit only needs removing every 4-6 months with a normal vacuum cleaner, thus reducing access and manpower requirements.

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