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MARSHALL-TUFFLEX ENERGY MANAGEMENT - Energy Management Experts Join Forces To Serve Ireland

Ireland’s premier energy management provider, Energy MCS, is partnering with the UK’s trusted energy saving solutions expert, Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management (MTEM), in an 'electrifying' new relationship which has enabled the launch of Voltis intelligent voltage optimisation in Ireland.

“Well established as an energy specialist, Energy MCS is perfectly placed to maximise opportunities for our hi-tech, energy saving products in combination with providing a first class service to customers in Ireland,” said MTEM National Sales Manager Jon Chamberlain. “We are delighted that the company is supporting our latest range of products, spearheaded by Voltis intelligent voltage optimisation, and including Sinergy sub-metering as well as Ipsis, an integrated energy reduction solution. As a result, all kinds of organisations in Ireland can maximise their energy saving potential.”

Energy MCS took a strategic decision to add a quality, established voltage optimisation brand to its portfolio: “The cost of energy is a strong business issue in Ireland,” said Michael McNerney of Energy MCS. “We therefore considered it timely to provide a voltage optimisation service and important to work with a reputable name in the business such as Marshall-Tufflex. We have used competitors’ products in the past, however MTEM has gone back to the drawing board, looked at what has been done well, and what hasn’t with voltage optimisation. They then considered how a new approach would improve performance and address such issues, utilising this information to develop Voltis.”

Voltis is a next generation voltage optimiser with ‘intelligent’ control to reduce power consumption and maximise energy savings. Unlike many other systems, which simply ‘step down’ voltage and are vulnerable to grid voltage fluctuations, Voltis constantly monitors power demand, matching supply to the needs of electrical equipment by continuously adjusting itself. It also incorporates an automatic by-pass arrangement that ensures power continues to be supplied to the site should any problem occur.

Energy MCS exhibited Voltis at the Dublin Energy Show earlier this year, where it was very well received. Mr McNerney explained: “We had an unbelievable response; people were literally queuing to see the product. In order to demonstrate its energy reducing potential our entire stand was powered by Voltis. By simply flicking a switch between mains and optimised voltage on a mobile demo unit we were able to illustrate not only how easy it is to operate, but also how, even under the extreme conditions of an exhibition, with very low voltage levels present on the stand, we were able to show a 6% energy saving during the two day event.”

Making savings when the mains voltage feed is low is particularly impressive. Voltis delivers the best power and carbon savings when mains voltage is high, for example 242V compared to a more normal 220V. As more demand is made of the electrical supply to a site, in this case the Dublin Energy Show, the level of voltage received by electrical equipment falls, thereby reducing the potential savings that voltage optimisation can deliver. MCS measured the mains feed to its show stand at around 224V, barely above the level at which some lower-performing voltage optimisation systems stop delivering savings. Therefore to achieve even a modest saving of 6% can be considered impressive and indicates that even greater savings are possible when mains supply is higher.

The buzz around Voltis at the Dublin Energy Show underlines a growing interest in cost-saving energy management solutions. Ireland now requires its energy and utility companies, as part of their licensing requirement, to make recommendations to customers on reducing energy.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is also raising awareness: set-up by the government, it was established to run and administer a programme that reduces the national energy consumption. Additionally, the Accelerated Capital Allowance allows companies the right to set the cost of an entire outlet on an ACA certified product against Corporation Tax, permitting companies to re-invest. The scheme is currently being upgraded to become the Triple E Scheme: a new benchmark register of best in class energy efficient products. Furthermore, the Government Statutory Standard S164 2011 requires all government buildings to use energy consumption products of Triple E standard and Voltis is currently undergoing certification for the scheme.

Having successfully launched their partnership, MTEM and Energy MCS are poised to develop their combined energy management solutions in Ireland. By working with high energy users, Energy MCS encourages clients to assess their annual energy bill and, by introducing cost-saving solutions such as Voltis, average savings of between 8-12%, and in some circumstances up to 20%, are made possible.

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