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MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC - Increased Seasonal Performance With New City Multi VRF

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new range of City Multi air conditioning units that not only offers a higher seasonal efficiency, but can also maintain higher heating capacities at low ambient temperatures making it ideal for UK climate.

Improvements for the new range include a redesigned compressor with a more concentrated stator coil – which delivers a four per cent increase in COP/EER (coefficient of performance/energy efficiency ratio) and a redesigned heat exchanger – which provides up to a three per cent increase in heating / cooling performance. The new models have also been designed to provide better refrigerant distribution through the heat exchanger, resulting in an improved defrost cycle.

Whilst improvements to the fixed load nominal performance of the new City Multi YJM have been made, the real advancement can be found in the systems seasonal performance.

This looks at how the system operates more realistically over a season in heating (SCOP) and a season in cooling (SEER). These figures are commonly used as part of the Part L building regulations national calculation methodology to calculate how much energy a system will use over a year and the CO2 that system produces.

The better the seasonal performance, the more reduction in CO2 the system can offer over a notional building and therefore the more likely the building is to pass the regulations (as long as the rest of the building also meets the relevant standards).

A typical standard efficiency YJM system with a nominal capacity of 28kW has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 7.13, 14 per cent higher than that of the previous generation YHM model.

The seasonal coefficient of performance of 4.94 has an even more impressive increase over the current model of 25 per cent. Looking at this as an example with a 28kW YJM system which requires 50,000kWh of heating and cooling per annum, the system would typically save 15 per cent of the energy which relates to 790kg of CO2 and £185 in cost over the previous YHM system.

The new YJM range now has two modes of heating which can be selected, high performance heating mode or COP priority mode. High performance heating mode ensures higher heating capacity at lower ambient conditions. If heating capacity is sufficient then COP priority mode can be selected. The YJM range comes as standard with high performance heating mode but has the option of COP priority mode. These can be selected and changed at any time via a dip switch setting on the outdoor unit.

In addition to the high performance heating function, the new YJM range offers eight additional sizes from the previous range and also a new larger frame size XL module available in some of the system combinations. All YJM models have been added to the Carbon Trusts Energy Technology list allowing eligible systems to qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances, enabling many businesses to offset a percentage of the costs of the system and installation against their tax liabilities.

The new YJM range is available immediately with SEER and SCOP data for all models available on request. For further details please email below:

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