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IDEAL STANDARD INTERNATIONAL Unveils EdenWave – A Groundbreaking Wellness Innovation

EdenWave technology offers virtually noise-free deep relaxation and tranquil water massage with its unique wave sensation

Ideal Standard International, the leading bathroom solutions provider, today unveiled EdenWave, the world’s first water wave vibration technology for home wellness systems, under its luxury brand Jado.

The new art of tranquillity in bath technology
A world-first in water vibration technology, EdenWave takes the art of relaxation to new heights. Ideal Standard International’s aim was to create the most pampering home-spa experience possible, to clear the mind and soothe the body like never before. Thanks to W.A.V.E. technology, EdenWave catapults spa baths into the next generation. Instead of air jets of the average whirlpool, vibrant waves are created through the micro-agitation of water molecules, lifting the body for a soft, cushion-like effect. Aside from feeling heavenly on the body, perhaps the most exciting aspect of EdenWave is its unprecedented quietness. As opposed to traditional whirlpool systems, the sound level is extraordinarily low - below 45 decibels, which is comparable to a human whisper.

EdenWave’s external bath structure is independent from the inner vibrating shell, preventing the transmission of any movement or noise throughout the rest of the bathroom. Furthermore, the soft design and ambient light enhance a calm, cocooning sensation. A supple headrest and ergonomic internal shell shape are all designed to transport the bather to a new realm of tranquillity. EdenWave is simple to install, has no special maintenance requirements and functions on a low power engine for greater efficiency. With no jets or pumps, cleaning is eliminated and hygiene heightened.

Consumer testing has revealed excellent results for EdenWave. 79% found the experience relaxing, and the general response to the bathtub’s ergonomic shape and the ability to select different vibration programs has been very positive.

“We wanted to create a unique pampering, spa-like experience at home through peaceful and relaxing water massage. EdenWave is the perfect solution for consumers looking to create a wellness space in their home where they can indulge, relax and escape the pressures of everyday life,” explains David Hamill, Chairman Ideal Standard International.

Personalised peaceful relaxation
EdenWave’s technology is operated by a user-friendly electronic control system which offers three pre-set programs and one customisable program for a completely personalised massage. Depending on their mood of the day, consumers can choose a warm-up program, offering a calm and soft water massage for peaceful relaxation; a deep relaxation program which provides a cocooning-type water massage; and a daily relaxation program, lasting 15 minutes for a faster, yet effective, relaxing treatment to wash away the stress of the day. The customised massage is possible by choosing the “progressive vibrating intensity” function. Micro-agitations will then start at the lowest setting and increase every 15 seconds so that users can select the intensity that best suits their mood at that time of the day or that stage in their life.

In line with Ideal Standard International’s continuous search for more energy-efficient and water saving bathroom solutions, EdenWave also reduces energy consumption by functioning on a low power engine, which uses 250 watts instead of the typical 1000/1500 watts for an average whirlpool system.

The concept bathtub creation shown at ISH is signed Ronen Joseph, a renowned designer with a strong track record in innovative bathroom design and also the creator of Ideal Standard International’s booth at the fair this year. “EdenWave has a soft design and uses ambient light to create a true feeling of cocooning. The supple headrest and the internal shape of the shell have been designed with ergonomics and relaxation in mind. EdenWave takes whirlpools to a whole new level,” said Ronen Joseph.

This unique innovation is showcased as a prototype at ISH 2011 and will be introduced in Italy first during Q4 2011.

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