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Editors Note: AET Flexible Space provide:

  • Solar thermal panels

  • Facade panels

  • Underfloor air conditioning


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AET FLEXIBLE SPACE - AET Now Manufacturing Extra High Efficiency Solar Thermal Panels

AET has engaged in solar Thermal panel production for a wide range of application. Thermal Solar Panels come in all shapes and sizes and in a wide range of price points but the single most critical issue in selecting a panel is the performance efficiency followed closely by the Location and then of course the application.

Most suppliers seek to sell complete systems but in large engineering application there is a strong argument for elemental supply and AET seeks to provide products in this way for large as well as smaller applications.

Working closely with one of the worlds leading selective coating specialists AET can offer panels in standard or tailor made dimensions to fit the site demands in the most efficient way.

Our manufacturing techniques ensure our panels have several percentage points of improved efficiency over other panels in the market place and this becomes all important the larger the installation becomes.

A major innovation is that of Flat Plate Architectural Facade Panels which have a high class appearance and can be mounted vertically or at an angle and can be incorporated into the curtain wall of a building.

A recent application for LPHW and Swimming Pool heating makes use of 25 of our 2 sq m High Efficiency Flat Plate panels serving a 60,000 litre pool and 250 litre Hot Water Storage Vessel.

Pool temperatures of around 28deg C have been maintained through the summer of 2010 without need of any other supplementary energy source and stored hot water has been maintained at 60 deg C.

Applications include provision of hot water for Dairies, Sports Clubs, Old Peoples homes, universities and colleges and in many cases can be simply installed on the existing roof or surrounding grounds.

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